Looking for Respect

Looking for Respect

Dylan Bradley out of Noxubee County believes his team is not earning the respect they should be receiving. That is not the only thing that bugs him.

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"We are 10-0," Bradley added about their season. "But I feel we do not get the respect from the media. We had the most returning seniors coming back in our classification. We felt like we had the upper hand going into the our season but we were not even ranked in the Top 10 by the Clarion Ledger to start off the season."

There is something else that bugs him.

"Personally, I didn't make the Dandy Dozen team, and I have used that as motivation. I have been taking it out on my opponents all year long. But what bugs me even more is that we are still not ranked #1 in the state although we are blowing everyone out. That's ok. We will show them when we get down to Jackson (for the state championship game)."

Dylan leads the state of Mississippi in sacks with 17 and has over 50 tackles on the season.

"My speed has really improved. I always had the strength. I just needed to get faster so I could get to the quarterback. I worked hard on that this offseason, and I am getting to the quarterback a lot this fall, obviously. I am making a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage. That has helped me out a lot."

Bradley mostly plays defensive tackle at 6' 2", 244-pounds. Has his size hurt his recruitment?

"They have not said too much about my weight because they look at my body frame. They said they can put some weight on me, but they are do like at my height as a negative. They are looking for 6' 4" to 6' 5" guys at defensive end, and that is probably where I will be playing in college."

Which schools are keeping up with the Noxubee County star?

"MSU, Memphis, Arkansas State, and Ole Miss."

What is State saying?

"They send me a lot of mail and invite me to their games. I talk to coaches (Tony) Hughes and Wilson a lot. We have had some conversations. They tell me that they hear I am balling out there and to keep up the good work and keep a steady head. They just tell me to keep making plays and to stay patient with them."

What about Ole Miss?

"I have not heard from them since this summer, but I still have an offer from them that I know of. I just have not been hearing from them too much lately."

And Memphis?

"Coach (James) Shibbest calls me every Thursday the day before our games. He tells me to keep what I am doing. We have a great relationship and a great connection. They are ready for me to come in for a visit."

Does Memphis need Dylan more than the others?

"We have a great coach to player chemistry but I am not seeing Memphis as needing me the most. But at the same time if I choose them I know they will take care of me while I am there. That's big."

What is going on with Arkansas State?

"I went up there a couple of weeks ago to a game and had a great time. I loved the atmosphere and their fans. I got an offer from them and feel the same way I do about Memphis. I have a great relationship with those coaches as I do with Memphis and Mississippi State."

Where will Bradley visit next?

"I am going up to Ole Miss to see them play Vandy and I am going to Memphis either this or next weekend."

Yancy Porter is the Mississippi Scout for Scout.com and he can be reached at yporter@scout.com

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